CNAM Revenue Share

  • Since we dial 100,000 leads per day, we were shocked how much dipfee added to our revenue streams

    Renz, Florida

  • We have more connected leads since our customers knows its us calling them

    Mark, South Dakota

  • Not only we complied with FCC's requirement of telemarketing rules, We even generated additional savings on our VoIP calls!

    Ed, USA

Get more revenue on your outbound calls now

CNAM Revenue Share. You earn something back on the calls you made.

CNAM Revenue Share

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Improve Answer Rates

If you were meeting a potential client for the first time, would you hand them a business card that read UNAVAILABLE or UNKNOWN? Of course not. But that's what many call centers are displaying right now to contact their customers.

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Maintain Compliance

FCC rules specifically require that any outbound calling campaign transmit or display its telephone number, and, if possible, its name or the name and telephone number of the company for which it is selling products or services.

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Grow Your Business

Each qualifying call can even provide a small commission paid out to your company in a revenue sharing program. This could save your company about 10% on your current telecom costs


Frequently Asked Questions (click to open)

Each time you place a call to a phone in the U.S. that is Caller ID enabled, the terminating phone company performs a look-up in a database that holds Caller ID names and numbers. Every single time names and numbers are retrieved from this database (a process known as “dipping”), the originating local phone company receives compensation (or “dip fees”). When you become a Star Communications customer, every time we receive a dip fee for a call originating from a phone number that has been assigned to your company, we give a percentage of our compensation back to you.

Calling Name Management is an innovative call enhancement technology that provides users with the ability to manage the content and form of the Caller ID information that is delivered to called parties. As a Customer, you will be provided with a list of ANIs that you can input into your outbound calling platform to be displayed as the originating telephone number. These ANIs are programmed to contain Caller ID on your outbound calls and can be easily changed to any call campaign that you conduct. Every time you make a call to a Caller ID enabled phone, Star Communication's database partners provide the calling name and phone number you have selected.

Research shows that consumers are more likely to answer their phones when they can identify the caller versus seeing “unknown caller,” “out of area” or “1-800” on their Caller ID screen. By branding every calling campaign with the name of your client’s organization, you will improve your call contact rate.

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